Latino Advisory Council

In 2003, the LBC established a Latino Outreach initiative in an effort to include diverse community voices at the planning table through a series of listening sessions. The group was formalized in 2009 to become the Latino Advisory Council (LAC) with the vision of creating engaging programs through community collaboration, cultivating relationships with our community, and celebrating Latino arts and artists.

For nearly two decades this group of community leaders has partnered with LBC to shape annual events such as Fiesta de Independencia and Posada Navideña. Their insight also helps guide the vision and goals of the entire organization. The ever-popular Mariachi Ensemble started as an idea from this group, which has now grown to serve over 75 students from all over Sonoma County annually.

We are immensely grateful for the continued support and guidance from the members of the LAC as we strive to ensure that LBC remains relevant, welcoming, and accessible to everyone in our community. If you’re interested in learning more about the LAC and how to get involved, please reach out to us at

2020-21 Advisory Council

Rafael Rivero, Chair and Board Liaison
Priscilla Jaworski, Outside Events Ambassador
Wanda Tapia-Thomsen, Engagement Ambassador
Hector Velazquez, Outreach Ambassador

Ambrosio Vigil
Andrea Garfia
Anita Wiglesworth
Ashleigh Worley
Briana Gonzalez
Candido Morales
Chrystie Prokopakis
Crystal Rangel
Daniela Hernandez
Eddie Estrada
Eduardo Barragan
Eric Dullaart
Ernesto Olivares
Hannah Keefer
Hector Velazquez
Herman Hernandez
Jason Carter

John Cain
Jose Soto
Maggie LeClerc
Melanie Weir
Miguel Ruiz
Monica Flores Rowley
Priscilla Jaworski
Rafael Rivero
Richard Nowlin
Robin Seltzer
Sari Feinstein
Tracy Sawyer
Ulises Santos
Veda Florez
Wanda Tapia-Thomsen
Yesenia Ferreira

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