Thank you for joining us as we celebrated cinematic storytelling through Carpool Cinemas. While our season is officially coming to a close, we invite you to watch for more Carpool Cinemas opportunities in the future!

Thank you to our sponsors

Convenience Fees will be waived as purchase is limited to phone and online orders while the physical Ticket Office remains closed due to SIP. All tickets will be emailed through our print at home system. At entrance, please have bar code ready on your phone or a pint out version ready to scan as Ticket Office will be closed. There is no will call. During the event if you require staff assistance, you can call (707) 542-2787. PLEASE BE ADVISED that there are strict guidelines for all of us to remain in compliance. We all have a part to play in keeping our neighbors safe. POLICIES & PROCEDURES:

* Patrons are only able to purchase up to two tickets (which equals two vehicles) per single household.

* Tickets are General admission, there is no assigned parking.

* There is no guarantee which vehicle you will be parked next to when arriving.

* We are not able to accommodate special requests for parking

* Convertibles, Jeeps, and motorcycles are now allowed

* We cannot accommodate recreational vehicles (e.g., Motor homes, Fifth Wheels, Trailers).

* The movie begins once it’s dark after sundown (estimated 8:15). Gates open to begin parking at 6:45.

* Prior to attending, please test your vehicle and understand how to engage your accessory battery and how to turn your headlights off.

* When exiting your vehicle, please wear a mask at all times and maintain 6’ apart from other patrons.

* All tickets are general admission and there is no guarantee you will be able park in a specific area or next to a specific vehicle.

* Cars may only be at legal occupancy.

* There will be designated parking for trucks and larger vehicles. To the best of our ability, we will try to place vehicles with the best sight lines possible.

* Tune your FM radio to 91.3 (radio station subject to change)

Please be aware that radio apps for your smart phone or tablet will not work and if you do not  want to use your accessory battery, we encourage you to bring a battery operated FM radio.

* When patrons exit their vehicles to use the restroom facilities, they must wear a mask at all times and adhere to protocols laid out by restroom docents, e.g., one person at a time in the restroom, 6′ apart in lines, etc.

* There will be ZERO tolerance for those not complying with the above. Guests who cannot or will not comply will be asked to leave the premises and no refunds will be given.

* We are operating under new state guidelines. Click here for more information.

* Vehicle lights will be requested to remain off during the showing of the film.

* You will need your mask at all times when you are not in your vehicle. This accounts for restroom use, concession purchasing, or leaving the footprint of your vehicle for any reason.

* In order to accommodate vehicles wishing to tailgate, your vehicle will be placed in a manner that does not obstruct the view of the vehicles behind you.

Please inform our parking staff on arrival if you would like to tailgate. You must remain within the footprint of your vehicle at all times. These apply towards tailgating, open a vehicles back hatch, convertibles, and open top Jeeps. No lawn chairs are permitted for use.

Late Arrivals In order to ensure all patrons have an enjoyable experience please arrive early. Any late arrivals, 20 minutes after the showing has begun, will not be permitted into the event. Tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable.

Call Box Office