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Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
50 Mark West Springs Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

101 to River Road exit, east ¼ mile.
Plentiful, convenient parking on site.


Patron & Member Services Office / Tickets:
707.546.3600 (Daily, Noon to 6pm)

Administrative offices:
707.527.7006 (M-F, 9am – 5pm)



Richard Nowlin, President & CEO, 707.800.7524
Candice Day, Executive Assistant, 707.800.7502
Robyn Bramhall, Human Resources Advisor, 707.800.7515

Business Partnerships & Community Rentals

Peggy Mulhall, Director, 707.800.7522
Audrey Rosado, Manager, 707.800.7501
Karen Pinomaki, Coordinator, 707.800.7526


Robin Seltzer, Director, 707.800.7525
Susanne Esquivel, Manager, 707.800.7505
Debbie Schoemaker, Coordinator, 707.800.7506
Lauren Morrison, Associate,  707.800.7547

Education and Community Engagement

Ray Gargano, Director, 707.800.7528
Melanie Weir, Education Manager, 707.800.7520
Tracy Sawyer, Community Engagement Coordinator, 707.800.7529
Chrystie Prokopakis, School and Family Coordinator, 707.800.7504


Dennis Kohke, Director of Finance and Administration, 707.800.7516
Dolores Otten, Finance & Account Manager, 707.800.7507
Traci Levin, Accounting Specialist, 707.800.7527
Evelyn Rice, Accounting Assistant, 707.800.7508

Marketing & Patron Services

Anne Abrams, Director of Marketing, 707.800.7518 
John Cain, Associate Director of Marketing, 707.800.7513
Twyla Mitchell, Patron Services Manager, 707.800.7555
Cherie Wheeler, Graphics Coordinator, 707.800.7503
Kristi Feige, Marketing Coordinator, 707.800.7521
Julie Richter / Charles Zukow Associates, Public Relations Counsel
Kaila Finch, Assistant Patron Services Manager & ArtReach Coordinator, 707.800.7556
Cristian Garcia, Patron Services Associate
Dalia Mendoza Castro, Patron Services Associate
Yesenia Ferreira, Patron Services Associate
Marissa Ramirez, Patron Services Associate
Alana Stedman, Patron Services Associate
Vanessa Tullos, Patron Services Associate

Operations & Events

Marc Hagenlocher, Director, 707.800.7519
Jennifer Brown, Events & Volunteer Manager, 707.800.7510
Jeremy French, Production Manager, 707.800.7511
John Morrison, Maintenance Manager, 707.800.7514
Gene Soldani, IT Manager, 707.800.7509
Betsy Boes, Events & Volunteer Supervisor, 707.800.7545
Peter Ostrom, Production Supervisor, 707.800.7523
Marcus Sanchez, Events Supervisor, 707.800.7545
Corey Wilkes, Events Supervisor, 707.800.7545
Don Morrison, Events Crew Chief
Mike Rice, Events Crew Chief
Kristina Volker, Events Crew Chief
Louis Callas, Event Technician
Steve Guerrero, Maintenance Worker
Sean Kearns, Maintenance Worker
Dave Morrison, Maintenance Worker
Arturo Ramos, Maintenance Worker
Morgan D’Amico, Concessions Coordinator
Robert Nguyen, Event Aide
Luke Gladstein, Event Aide
Vanessa Petersen, Event Aide
Timothy Rogers, Event Aide
Alex Swayne, Event Aide
Arthur Walsh, Event Aide
Rachel Wilcock, Event Aide
Sydney Clemann, Event Aide
Dustin Fildes, Event Aide
Christopher McDonnell, Event Aide
Juan Moreno, Event Aide
Joseph Remillard, Event Aide
Hunter Straub, Event Aide


Anita Wiglesworth, Director, 707.800.7500
Sari Feinstein, Contracts Manager & Artist Liaison, 707.800.7512