Artists in the Schools

Arts Integration Residencies

Each of LBC’s Arts Integration Residencies brings an artist into the classroom to lead students through six interactive sessions, combining an art form and another academic content area, to dive deeper into learning. Residencies start at $625—full and partial scholarships are available! Contact us for more information.

2023-24 Arts Integration Residencies

Residency Grades Subjects Covered
Mastery through Movement: Bringing English to Life for Early Language Learners PK-2 Drama, English Language Arts (ELA)
Building Blocks of Art TK-2 Math, Visual Art
The Call to Adventure: Transposing Curriculum into Mythical Journeys K-3 Drama, ELA, Science, Social Studies
Math Dance K-3 Dance, Math
Story Ninjas Improvised Tales: A Costumed Approach to Narrative Creation K-8 Drama, ELA
Drama, Not Trauma: Empowering the Inner Superhero 2-6 Drama, ELA, Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Ecosystem in a Box 3-5 Drama, Science
The World is Beautiful: Visually Representing Natural Phenomena 3-5 Science, Visual Art
Finding Wisdom through African Drumming 6-12 Music, SEL, Social Studies
Pictured: Onye Onyemaechi teaches the AIS program “Finding Wisdom Through African Drumming”

“The teaching artist kept
the students engaged and moving
through the entire class. She
listened to them when they had
requests, and the lessons were
perfectly appropriate for our
grade level. Thank you!”

Arts for All Residencies

To further meet the increasing need for more arts-based residencies, LBC is proud to introduce Arts for All, which allows PK-12th grade classroom teachers to choose from different art forms—including dance, drama, visual art, and music—to ensure that their students receive a diversity of quality arts instruction.

Each of LBC’s Arts for All Residencies brings an artist into the classroom to lead students through six interactive hours of instruction. Residencies start at $625—full and partial scholarships are available! All residencies are tailored to meet the needs of your students!

Please contact us to learn more about opportunities available for your classroom!

Arts for All Residencies

Art Form
Residency Options
Teaching Artist(s)
DANCE Cognitive Movement Taylor Haney, Jasmyn Haralson, Farrah McAdam PK-3
Hip-Hop Taylor Haney, Jasmyn Haralson, Farrah McAdam All grades
Locking Farrah McAdam 2 and up
DRAMA Improvisational Theatre Bridget Palmer All grades
Play Production Jenny Sargent, Helen Segal, Ellen Vieira 2-8
Mime and Melodrama Ellen Vieira 3 and up
MUSIC Digital Music Production Levi Miller 5 and up
VISUAL ART Mixed Media Angelica Blancas-Mims All grades
Printmaking Angelica Blancas-Mims 2 and up
Comics/Cartooning Levi Miller 3 and up
Digital Art Levi Miller 3 and up
CUSTOM RESIDENCY! Contact us to craft the right residency for your students. Email us or call 707.800.7548.
Scheduling Options
Standard Residencies include 6 hours of instruction.

One 1-hour session for 6 weeks

One 45-minute session for 8 weeks*

One 30-minute session for 12 weeks*

*not available for Visual Art residencies


email Jack Taylor, Curriculum Specialist, or call 707.800.7548.

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