Artists in the Schools

Arts Integration Residencies

Bringing Books to Life: Adapting Literature for
the Stage

Grades: 4-12
Subjects: Drama, English Language Arts, Social Emotional Learning

Hannah Keefer

In this residency, students will adapt a novel they’ve read in class into an abridged stage version. It’s all in their hands—they will choose the scenes, write the scripts, cast themselves, and create their own stage movement. Along the way, they’ll learn stage essentials, like projection and “cheating out” (to readjust the body with the audience in mind). Additional elements, such as costume design and stage combat may be included, based on the book.

Education programs on sale Wednesday, August 10, 2022 starting at 9:00am.

More Information

Residencies start at $475 and are adaptable to fit your needs. Additional fees and terms may apply. Scholarships are available.


email Hannah Keefer, Curriculum Specialist, or call 707.800.7548.

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