Artists in the Schools

Arts Integration Residencies

Drama, Not Trauma: Empowering the Inner Superhero

Grades: 1-8
Subjects: Drama, English Language Arts, Social Emotional Learning
Max. number of students per class: 35

Bridget Palmer

In this empowering residency, students use a compelling array of acting fundamentals to analyze and enact grade-specific stories, which reinforce the pillars of social emotional learning and inspire bravery in the face of adversity. Coping with bullying is specifically addressed, and through a superhero role-playing game, students practice transforming fear into courage. The residency concludes with students creating short performances demonstrating their learning, as well as a pledge to uphold the principles of a bully-free classroom. Veteran children’s theater director, Bridget Palmer, of Santa Rosa Children’s Theater, leads this transformative residency.

Education programs on sale Wednesday, August 10, 2022 starting at 9:00am.

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Residencies start at $475 and are adaptable to fit your needs. Additional fees and terms may apply. Scholarships are available.


email Hannah Keefer, Curriculum Specialist, or call 707.800.7548.

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