Artists in the Schools

Grid Technique Transfer and Photorealism Art

Grades: 4-8
Subjects: Math, Visual Art
Max. number of students per class: 30

Mary Beth Sasso

What do photorealism and math have in common? In this residency, students will learn the close relationship between math and photorealism art. The term photorealism means “photo” indicating that photography is the visual source material and “realism” indicates that the finished works are precise and representational. Math intersects art in one model artists use to transfer an image—the creation of a grid system. Students employ this method and by using multiplication, ratio, and fractions, creating meticulously executed compositions with highly finished surfaces, extreme detail, visual distortion, and often an altered sense of scale.

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Residencies start at $475 and are adaptable to fit your needs. Additional fees and terms may apply. Scholarships are available.

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