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Arts Integration Residencies

The Call to Adventure: Transposing Curriculum into Mythical Journeys

Grades: K-3
Subjects: Drama, ELA, Science, Social Studies
Max. number of students per class: 25

So many concepts in elementary curriculum can be embodied and acted out as heroic journeys of transformation. Highly flexible and imaginative in nature, this residency connects playful, movement-based theatre to a wide array of subject matter and reminds students of the adventure in all learning. Are your students studying ancient civilizations? We paddle down the Nile and sneak across ancient Egypt as clownish tomb raiders. Are you teaching body systems or healthy eating? We become food and act out the incredible transformations inside the digestive system. Through experiencing the earth’s geology or animal habitats or fairy tales as high adventure, students will also learn about body control, spatial awareness, stage pictures, story sequence, and being a supportive audience. Teachers learn tools to facilitate safe, playful movement in the classroom. The outcome for students is a deeper connection between their imagination, their expressive bodies, and the world around them.

Jenny Sargent

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Residencies start at $625 and are adaptable to fit your needs. Additional fees and terms may apply. Scholarships are available.


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