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Play Me a Book!

Grades Covered: K-2
Subjects Covered: English Language Arts, Music, Rhythm

Deborah Sunya Moore

Have you ever read a children’s book so full of rhythm that you wanted to tap or drum along? Now is the chance! Participants can unleash their inner drummer and learn how to promote students’ deeper understanding of language. In this workshop, teachers pick up percussion instruments and dive deeper into musical storytelling by “playing” books that naturally lend themselves to various instrumental timbres (such as the bright triangle or the deep drum) and multi-part ensemble experiences (such as part of the group playing shakers while others play bells). This dynamic workshop is perfect for teams of teachers—including classroom teachers, reading specialists, and music specialists. No previous musical experience is needed to participate.

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email Tracy Sawyer, Community Engagement Coordinator, or call 707.800.7529.

Event Information

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
8:00 – 11:00am
LBC’s Education Studio
$45 each


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