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Literature to Life®’s production of

The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Directed and Adapted by Kelvin Grullon

Grades 7-12

This stage adaptation features verbatim portions of what is widely considered one of the great American novels, The Great Gatsby. In this one-man-show, we follow midwestern WWI veteran Nick Carraway, who moves to New York City in search of employment after the war. In the height of the Jazz Age and Prohibition Era, Nick is soon pulled into the world of the rich and powerful by way of his cousin, Daisy; her husband, Tom; and a mysterious millionaire neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Relish in the privilege and face the pitfalls each character encounters as they each reach for their own “green light.” Explore themes of social class, “old money” versus “new money” ideology, gender, race, environmentalism, and the price of the American Dream.

From the theatre
company who brought us
The Giver by Lois Lowry!

Set the Stage

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Prepare your students for their trip to the virtual theater with these free resource materials.

  • Artist’s Study Guide
  • Talking Points for Classroom Discussion
  • Classroom Activities

Common Core Content Standards

Easily apply these content standards in your classroom:

  • 7.RI.3: Analyze the interactions between individuals, events, and ideas in a text (e.g., how ideas influence individuals or events, or how individuals influence ideas or events).
  • 8.RL.3: Analyze how particular lines of dialogue or incidents in a story or drama propel the action, reveal aspects of a character, or provoke a decision.
  • 11-12.RH.3: Evaluate various explanations for actions or events and determine which explanation best accords with textual evidence, acknowledging where the text leaves matters uncertain.

Lesson Plan Idea

Explore the symbolism of color through monochromatic collage. Use green, just as the story does to represent the limitations of power and wealth, or students can investigate other hues.

On sale Tuesday, August 13, 2024 starting at 9:00 am.

Event Information

9:30 am*
Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2025
60 minutes plus 15-minute post-show discussion

In-Person at LBC!

* 11:30 am performance my be added based on demand. Let us know on your application if you’re interested.

Students: $10
$3 discount per student on the National Lunch Program!
Adults: $10
1 free adult for every 10 students!

Scholarships available.

Extend and enrich your field trip to LBC with a self-guided tour of our outdoor Sculpture Garden with our Art Talks program!

Students can safely explore our outdoor Sculpture Garden the main exhibits as well as the landscape, bridges, and walkways. Its giant oak trees offer shady seating where classes can discuss their recent experience as consumers of the arts.

LBC opened the Sculpture Garden in 2015 as a gift to our North Bay community. With the support of Sutter Hospital and other generous donors, the Sculpture Garden presents rotating works from contemporary regional artists who create monumental outdoor art that becomes incorporated into the landscaped natural setting.

The LBC’s current exhibition for the outdoor Sculpture Garden, Geometry in Art is running now through August 2025. This exhibition celebrates the intersection of geometry and artistic expression through the works of nine extraordinary artists, each presenting a unique perspective and aesthetic through their exploration of form, line, and negative space.

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