School Shows

A Very Electric Christmas

by Lightwire Theater

Grades 1-6

From the company who brought us DINO Light and The Ugly Duckling comes A Very Electric Christmas. This spectacular glow-in-the-dark performance is a holiday story about a young bird named Max and his family who are flying south for the winter. When Max gets blown off course during a snowstorm, he sets off on a journey filled with Nutcracker soldiers, caroling worms, dancing poinsettias, mischievous mice, and an epic battle with the evil Rat King in this magical holiday tale.

“My students now see how electricity
can be used in creative ways.”

LBC performance may vary.

Education Programs on sale August 7, 2019 starting at 9:00am.

Set the Stage

Prepare your students for their trip to the theater with these free resource materials. (Coming soon!)

Common Core Content Standards

Easily apply these content standards in your classroom:

  • 2.RL.5: Describe the overall structure of a story, including describing how the beginning introduces the story and the ending concludes the action.
  • 4.RL.2: Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text.
  • 6.RL.3: Describe how a particular story’s or drama’s plot unfolds in a series of episodes as well as how the characters respond or change as the plot moves toward a resolution.

Lesson Plan Idea

Students use glow-in-the-dark paint on paper to illustrate their own animal creation, culminating in a colorful classroom exhibition with all the lights off.

Art Talks: Free Guided Tours of the Sculpture Garden

Extend your field trip by touring our Sculpture Garden with a specially trained docent! Our current exhibition, Harmonies: Kati Casida, Catherine Daley, and Jann Nunn, features three highly acclaimed Bay Area sculptors. Join us with a group of up to 100 people for a a walking tour through these unique works. Tours begin 15 minutes after school shows and last approximately 20 minutes. Advanced registration is required. Sign up using the application available online or email Chrystie Prokopakis for more information.

Or take a self-guided tour using this map.


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