Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 5:00PM

Tune in Wednesday, January 12 at 5PM to watch an exclusive Luther Locals recording of Schlee on our Facebook page!

Schlee is a genre bending songstress and visual artist from Northern California, who is inspired by vulnerability, time travel, and the things that make us grow.

As a double water sign & fire moon it’s not hard to see that Schlee is a dreamer with ambition. She’s a multifaceted woman. A multi instrumentalist & singer, self taught videographer, art director, screenplay writer and set designer- whom is also good with a curling iron and hot roller set. She’s a sucker for a sad song and writes her best melodies when she can sing softly and tenderly, along side an open window accompanied by the birds.

Born in Ohio, with roots in West Virginia, raised in Florida with a couple other stops a long the way proves her love of adventure; however, she always knew she would land on the West Coast. Growing up in Florida had its perks, she studied jazz and tap dancing as a young child, later played flute in the marching band, and spent every weekend at a punk-indie show.

Schlee has always always been expressive in her appearance and has always had desire to create. She loves writing songs and making visual art to accompany them both for her and other artists.

As a chameleon, Schlee is constantly sharing new creativity with the world, her sound is a mixed bag of nuts, because nobody puts baby in the corner. She’s committed to her craft and all the healing magic it summons and it is her wish that one day she writes the song you always grab for your mixed tape.
Photo Credit: Giant Eye
Instagram: schlee_official
All views expressed in this broadcast are those of the artist.

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