IMAGO THEATRE’s Imagined New Fairytale, La Belle: Lost in the World of the Automaton

From acclaimed IMAGO Theatre who brought us FROGZ and ZooZoo comes a new fairy tale. La Belle: Lost in the World of the Automaton is a new fairytale experience that mixes Beauty and the Beast, steampunk aesthetics and automata all on one stage. Set to the backdrop of a whimsical ship, La Belle tells the love story of the crew’s coal stoker and a woman passenger, who, after seeking refuge from a storm, finds herself in an engine room full of mechanized figures brought to life by the stoker himself. Like a giant toy containing moving gears, this animated environment contains over 100 effects, puppets and mechanisms to entertain audiences of all ages.

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Arrive early for Free Fun with Art, custom-designed arts & crafts projects for the whole family, and pizza and drinks at our concessions stand, all starting one-hour before the show.


Clover Sonoma Family Fun Series

La Belle: Lost in the World of the Automaton

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 6:30PM




“Imago’s La Belle is a creature of a rare and wonderful sort, a show you may well want to see over and over again, both to marvel at its graceful mechanics and to soak in its symbolic resonances about the human, animal and spiritual in us all…. with a tone that’s often whimsical but never cutesy, finding that sweet spot of family entertainment that’s really for the adults, even if the kids are so enthralled that they won’t notice.
Perhaps future generations, though, will think of the story and imagine not forests and castles but the grimy engine room of a coal-powered steamship. Their memories will be filled not with Disney’s storybook colors or Cocteau’s poetic cinematic effects but with a more immediate kind of artistic magic: puppets and automatons and actors on a stage….They’ll think of Imago.”
Marty Hughley, Oregon Arts Watch


A giant art work of a play with 100 moving parts that will engage you like no other show… Animated effects every 30 seconds… Steampunk finesse… Whimsical, dramatic and heartfelt… This is the new Imago and they are at their best!


“Populated with 100 astonishingly detailed automata, puppets and other dazzling non-digital effects… a nonstop eye-popper. After several years in the making, Imago Theatre’s tricky, visionary new take on “Beauty and the Beast” has arrived. And what a landing. It’s all wow factor. You’d need a jeweler’s loupe to take in all the intricate work, particularly the gear-driven pieces In a time when spectacular visual stories are forged from lines and lines of code, along comes a wondrous tale carefully carved, tinkered, fitted and welded by consummate Portland creatives.”
Lee Williams, The Oregonian




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