Block Party

Al Voigt & Doug Unkrey

Block Party

Sculpture Garden
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2002 Steel and stainless steel

Four pieces, each 30” x 30” x 60”

Al Voigt (1941 – 2011)
Doug Unkrey

Part of the Geometry In Art Exhibition
On loan from the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation

About the Work

Block Party is a collaboration between Al Voigt and fellow artist, Doug Unkrey. Al was an artist, engineer, and businessman, he had an inherent and honed skill at looking deeply into a problem and understanding its fundamentals. In his later art, he incorporated his studies in spatial relationships such as between seats and seat backs, resulting in abstract metal sculptures that were also comfortable places to sit. Doug, known for his work in steel, such as Healdsburg Hammer, takes inspiration from ordinary objects and repurposes them into extraordinary works. He has always been drawn to the elegance of curved lines, exemplified by the stainless steel in this piece, which originated from a Delta second stage rocket fuel cell.

Block Party es una colaboración entre Al Voigt y su compañero artista, Doug Unkrey. Al era un artista, ingeniero y hombre de negocios, tenía una habilidad inherente y perfeccionada para profundizar en un problema y comprender sus fundamentos. En su arte posterior, incorporó sus estudios en relaciones espaciales, como entre asientos y respaldos de asientos, lo que resultó en esculturas abstractas de metal que también eran lugares cómodos para sentarse. Doug, conocido por su trabajo en acero, como Healdsburg Hammer, se inspira en objetos ordinarios y los reutiliza en obras extraordinarias. Siempre se ha sentido atraído por la elegancia de las líneas curvas, ejemplificada por el acero inoxidable en esta pieza, que se originó a partir de una pila de combustible de cohete Delta de segunda etapa.

Special thanks to Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation

About the Artists

Al Voigt

Al Voigt died of lung cancer (he had never smoked) on Friday, May 13, 2011 surrounded by friends and family. Al was a Renaissance Man for the 21st Century, providing visionary and inspirational leadership while founding a series of successful technology companies, creating an art foundation and raising a family.

He was always a leader, but more than a leader. If Al knew you, he wanted to help you, wanted to encourage you to reach for your dreams and do things you didn’t know were possible. What was truly special about Al was how many things he did well, as an artist, engineer, businessman, citizen and friend. A prodigious thinker, Al was never resting on his laurels; he was always looking ahead to the next idea…continue reading

Doug Unkrey

Doug Unkrey is an artist, machinist and fabricator who has a long association with the Voigt family. Doug can design and build anything out of anything, from a bench to a building, from a work of art to a working prototype of a new invention. Doug has built racing cars and bicycles, medical devices and more. He often collaborates with others on art and engineering adventures.

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