Forakis Cube

Peter Forakis

Forakis Cube

Sculpture Garden
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38” x 38”

Peter Forakis (1927 – 2009)

Part of the Geometry In Art Exhibition
On loan from the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation

About the Work

Peter is considered one of the founders of a 1960’s avant-garde movement that applied mathematical concepts to sculpture. “Geometry…is a natural law that exists not only in my thinking and my blood, bones, and marrow, but in the universe and all its matter.” – Peter Forakis

Peter es considerado uno de los fundadores de un movimiento de vanguardia de la década de 1960 que aplicó conceptos matemáticos a la escultura. “Geometría … es una ley natural que existe no solo en mi pensamiento y mi sangre, huesos y médula, sino en el universo y toda su materia.” – Peter Forakis

Special thanks to Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation

About the Artist

Starting in the late 1950s, Peter Forakis produced a continually fluid, self-generating body of sculpture based on geometric space, and rhomboidal modules and trundcated cubes. The possibilities suggested by these forms have been subjected to infinite and protracted exploration Forakis has created monumental sculptures, such as the “Atlanta Gateway,” that spans a major traffic artery, as well as smaller works suggested by parts of earlier projects. The interrelationships between all of these and the process by which each new piece arises from one or another of the older works is enriched by the complexity of Forakis’ background and an incisively acute and probing mind. The son of a Greek immigrant, Forakis grew up on the vast Wyoming prairie. The heritage of ancient Greek mythology, philosophy and geometry, and the unique character of the western United States, imparts a salient quality to Forakis; prodigious production. The elegant, cerebral forms appear acutely paradoxical in relation to their rugged, earthy creator.

–Joanne Dickson

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