Four Seasons: A Celebration of Community and Environmental Beauty

Maria de Los Angeles

Detail of the Mural

Full Mural

Four Seasons: A Celebration of Community and Environmental Beauty

Sculpture Courtyard

2023, Acrylic on canvas

8′ x 20′

Maria de Los Angeles

About the Mural

As a gift to the North Bay, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts commissioned renowned artist Maria de Los Angeles to install two large-scale outdoor murals for free, year-round public viewing. The striking, vibrant murals represent the artist’s intricate and colorful celebration of community, cultural diversity, and education—values that also reflect LBC’s commitment to the community. The mural project is LBC’s second collaboration with de Los Angeles, a former long-time resident of Santa Rosa, who also partnered with LBC on some of its early arts camps.

Four Seasons: A Celebration of Community and Environmental Beauty is impressionist in style and includes a community component as part of the design. Taking inspiration from LBC’s tagline, Connecting Our Community Through the Arts Across Schools, Homes, and Stages, de Los Angeles integrated community ideas and feedback into the mural design. Participants represent members of valued organizations within Sonoma County, including Latino Service Providers, Sonoma County Pride, CHOPS Teen Club, and multiple local wildfire survivor and resiliency groups.

The murals project was made possible with generous support from the following:

Susan and Alan Preston
Steve and Nancy Oliver
Sherry and Pete Swayne
Karen and Mike Bergin
Jack Leissring
Chris and Amy Hunsberger
Robi McMinn, honoring Bobbi Gardner
Lauren and Bruce Morrison
Rick Nowlin and Don Strand
Robin Seltzer and Bill Wertzberger
Ellen and Chuck Wear
Anita Wiglesworth

About the Artist

An American artist focusing on drawing, painting, printmaking, and wearable sculptures, Maria de Los Angeles (@delosangelesart) was born in Mexico and raised in Sonoma County. She is the full-time Critic and Assistant Director of Painting and Printmaking at the Yale School of Art.

Artist Statement

My multidisciplinary studio practice includes drawing, painting, installation, performance, and muralism. The main themes in my work are about exploring belonging and identity at the intersection of the personal and universal. It is rooted in my immigrant experience in the United States. Growing up undocumented had a transforming impact on my sense of belonging and worldview. My two-dimensional works convey social commentary, personal stories, and universal experiences using narrative and abstraction.

Some of my work is autobiographical, others are inspired by the community, family, and the news. I begin by drawing from my imagination and then, later, from photographs, combining the two to create layered narratives. I like the meaning in my work to unfold slowly, with people discovering elements and moments they didn’t see at first. I think about time, and the time needed to fully take in the emotional and psychological impact of a painting and its story. My images are layered with a combination of myth, actual situations, culture and political symbols, spirituality, and sometimes humor. I often contemplate how myth, allegory, and individual experience merge to create our perspectives. I’m highly influenced by magic realism, the feminist movement, and political art.

Mixed media drawing installations have become a way to see a mural before it has been composed. The idea of many voices coming together is how I think about the collaboration. When projects are being created in collaboration with community, the process is similar. A mural is community and proof that we can do something together and bring our range of experiences to the piece.

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