Geo Fins

Rob Senn


Sculpture Garden
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2023 Wood

120” x 68” x 68”

Rob Senn

Part of the Geometry In Art Exhibition

About the Work

“With a hunger for creating and problem-solving, I look to explore new technology and learn in every work that I create. To quote a Billy Joel lyric, ‘The things I did not know at first, I learned by doing twice.’ In this piece, the height allows the geometry to unfold. Comprised of over 200 custom cut and assembled geometric shapes, this contemporary totem represents the constant interaction between individuals and their community.” – Rob Senn

“Con hambre de crear y resolver problemas, busco explorar nuevas tecnologías y aprender en cada trabajo que creo. Para citar la letra de Billy Joel, “Las cosas que no sabía al principio, las aprendí haciéndolas dos veces”. En esta pieza, la altura permite que la geometría se despliegue. Compuesto por más de 200 formas geométricas cortadas y ensambladas a medida, este tótem contemporáneo representa la interacción constante entre los individuos y su comunidad.” – Rob Senn

About the Artist

Rob Senn spent his entire professional career in the music industry, based partly on education (BA- Economics from UNC-Chapel Hill and MBA from Pepperdine/Graziadio) and mostly on really good luck. That business journey took him from working for major record labels, to MTV-Music Television, to the GM of the GRAMMY Awards, to the COO/CMO of Gibson Guitars, plus a long-term consulting practice with many cream-of-the-crop music nonprofits. One recurring theme along the way was his professional and personal emphasis on applied creativity and design, making time for occasional exploration into sculpture. Upon moving to Sonoma County almost a decade ago, Senn found the land space and the opportunity to develop hardscape sculptures; large art pieces intended for outdoor placement.

Senn lives in Santa Rosa with his longtime partner and muse, Kristen Madsen.

Other works by Robb Senn in the Geometry In Art Exhibition

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