Hands To Sky

Rob Senn

Hands to Sky

Sculpture Garden
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2020 Steel

162” x 60” x 18”

Rob Senn

Part of the Geometry In Art Exhibition

About the Work

“I look at the sculpture world through a lens of mathematical equations and proportions, often searching for the inherent negative space to influence the design of my forms. Through an exploration of angles and the relationship they create through repetition, Hands to Sky is an interpretive figure of two hands grasped together, pointing to the heavens, paying homage to spiritual faith of any expression.” – Rob Senn

“Miro el mundo de la escultura a través de una lente de ecuaciones y proporciones matemáticas, a menudo buscando el espacio negativo inherente para influir en el diseño de mis formas. A través de una exploración de ángulos y la relación que crean a través de la repetición, Hands to Sky -Manos al cielo, es una figura interpretativa de dos manos juntas, apuntando a los cielos, rindiendo homenaje a la fe espiritual de cualquier expresión.” – Rob Senn

About the Artist

Rob Senn spent his entire professional career in the music industry, based partly on education (BA- Economics from UNC-Chapel Hill and MBA from Pepperdine/Graziadio) and mostly on really good luck. That business journey took him from working for major record labels, to MTV-Music Television, to the GM of the GRAMMY Awards, to the COO/CMO of Gibson Guitars, plus a long-term consulting practice with many cream-of-the-crop music nonprofits. One recurring theme along the way was his professional and personal emphasis on applied creativity and design, making time for occasional exploration into sculpture. Upon moving to Sonoma County almost a decade ago, Senn found the land space and the opportunity to develop hardscape sculptures; large art pieces intended for outdoor placement.

Senn lives in Santa Rosa with his longtime partner and muse, Kristen Madsen.

Other works by Rob Senn in the Geometry In Art Exhibition

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