John deMarchi


Sculpture Garden
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1989 Stainless Steel

108” Diameter

John DeMarchi

Part of the Geometry In Art Exhibition
On loan from Michael McGinnis

About the Work

Combining fine art and mechanical technology, John deMarchi created beautifully balanced sculptures echoing the precision of Renaissance artist-engineers who often saw the world in terms of a “Clockwork Universe.” In the tradition of Leonardo da Vinci, his sculpture records our mechanical heritage in the face of immense technological change, while simultaneously exploring many concepts of balance: physical, psychological, metaphysical, and spiritual. Integrity relies on triangulation and truss design to provide maximum strength with minimal materials, demonstrating deMarchi’s consummate hand skills.

Combinando bellas artes y tecnología mecánica, John deMarchi creó esculturas bellamente equilibradas que hacen eco de la precisión de los artistas-ingenieros del Renacimiento que a menudo veían el mundo en términos de un “Universo mecánico”. En la tradición de Leonardo da Vinci, su escultura registra nuestra herencia mecánica frente al inmenso cambio tecnológico, al tiempo que explora muchos conceptos de equilibrio: físico, psicológico, metafísico y espiritual. Integrity se basa en la triangulación y el diseño de armaduras para proporcionar la máxima resistencia con materiales mínimos, lo que demuestra las habilidades manuales y consumadas de deMarchi.

On loan from Michael McGinnis

About the Artist

John de Marchi exhibited locally and nationally, including solo exhibitions at the Museo Italo Americano and the Iannetti Lanzone Gallery in San Francisco, the Oakland Museum, and the California Museum of Art in Santa Rosa.

He worked as a technician and instructor at Sonoma State University for 25 years. In that capacity he taught wood and metal sculpture, art history and studio art. He also worked as a machinist/welder, tool designer, consultant, and was an avid collector of antique tools.

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