Title of Piece: COMMUNE II
Year and Materials: 2016 Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 120″ x 33.5″ x 180″

“As a verb, commune means to communicate with someone or someplace in a personal or spiritual way. As a noun, a commune is a group of people living together and supporting an unconventional lifestyle by sharing resources and responsibilities.

Commune’s 49 identical 10-foot tall stainless steel elements stand together as an elliptical shape bisected by the footpath. At the top of each vertical, outstretched “arms” invites the public to enter its embracing environment and literally become a part of the community.”
– Jann Nunn

Title of Piece: XLIV
Year and Materials: 2018 Cast Concrete
Dimensions: 44 pieces, each 8″ x 10″ x 17″

“These 44 white concrete castings, randomly dispersed in the landscape, together serve as a memorial to those who perished in the October 2017 North Bay wildfires. While we may not remember each name, we will never forget the importance of each life lost.” – Jann Nunn

Title of Piece: !
Year and Materials: 2018 Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 104″ x 38″ x 10″

“The ubiquitous exclamation point, once regarded as superfluous, is now almost required punctuation when communicating electronically. Here, “!” exclaims itself as a monolith to its own emphatic grandeur.” – Jann Nunn

Title of Piece: MEDITATE
Year and Materials: 2018 Steel
Dimensions: 62″ Diameter x 10″

“Situated on a berm between an arts center and a health facility, “Meditate” alludes to the need to engage both mind and body to create a perfect whole. Composed of hundreds of welded rings, its oculus allows for contemplation from either side.” – Jann Nunn

For purchase and inquiries regarding Jann’s sculptures exhibited in Harmonies exhibition, please contact arts@lutherburbankcenter.org

About the Artist

“Frequently, disparate materials are employed in a single work to accentuate duality, tension or evoke multifarious interpretations in my quest to symbolically convey personal, political or spiritual manifestations with authenticity and relevance. The driving force behind my work resides in conjoining idea and aesthetic. Often described as a ‘draw-you-in’ kind of beautiful, my art embodies a strong physical presence with carefully considered and often laborious craft, yet the ideas remain paramount.”

– Jann Nunn

Oakland-based artist Jann Nunn has exhibited, lectured, and held residencies internationally and throughout the United States since 1987. Her work has been shown in London, Seoul, Düsseldorf, Mexico City, New York, and throughout the Bay Area. Nunn’s work is in the collections of di Rosa Preserve (Napa, CA), Common Ground’s New Milestone Project (London), Tout Quarry Sculpture Park (Portland, England), Stadt-Sparkasse Düsseldorf, Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, and numerous private collections. Residencies include Atelier Höherweg Düsseldorf, Villa Montalvo, Prema Arts Centre in Gloucestershire England, Chesil Gallery in Portland, England, and the Headlands Center for the Arts as an Affiliate Artist from 1993–96.

Best known for her sculptures, Nunn has created several large-scale outdoor works in public places, including Burning Man 2001; Portland Clifftop Sculpture Park in the UK; SKYART Festival in Anchorage, Alaska; a 107-foot long sculpture for the Sonoma Community Center in Sonoma, CA; and a multi-genocidal memorial sculpture on the campus of Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, CA. Along with several new outdoor sculptures for the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Nunn is exhibiting Commune, a stainless steel outdoor sculpture that miraculously survived the firestorm that ravaged much of Sonoma County in 2017. Commune stands as a testament to resiliency in the face of unfathomable disaster.

She studied art at University of Alaska Anchorage, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, and San Francisco Art Institute. She is a Professor Emeritus of Sculpture at Sonoma State University.

For more information visit jann-nunn.com

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