“My study of modern dance patterns help me to realize how I want to cut through space with my materials and color,” says artist Kati Casida. Her work implies motion and a continuous passage through space, inviting visitors to view natural elements inside, outside and through her work.

About Kati Casida

Kati Casida was born and raised in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She has travelled extensively in countries including Norway, Sweden, Greece, Israel, Japan, England, Switzerland and Costa Rica among many others. She was an Artist-In-Residence in Ekeley, Edvard Munch Studio, Oslo, Norway and also in Hydra, Greece, at the Ecole Superiure des Beaux-Arts d’Athens. Her work can be seen in several public collections including the Santa Clara Civic Center, Oakland City Center and the Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley, CA. She has also had numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world and is featured in many private collections. Casida was the editor and publisher of Nordic 5 Arts and in 2006 coordinated the Nordic 5 Arts exhibitions in San Francisco. She currently lives and works in Berkeley, CA.

For more information, visit katicasida.dreamhosters.com

For purchase and inquiries regarding Kati’s sculptures exhibited in Harmonies exhibition, please contact arts@lutherburbankcenter.org

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