Rum I

Briona Hendren

Rum I

Sculpture Garden
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2023 Stainless Steel

27″ x 48″ x 48″

Briona Hendren

Part of the Geometry In Art Exhibition

About the Work

Rum, short for rumination, is intended to be a meditation platform. An opportunity for the viewer to sit quietly with their thoughts. Offering a pause for deep introspection about a moment in time or a practice of letting go of the thoughts that bubble up to the surface and allowing them to slowly fade away. Viewing this piece at night while it is lit from within makes the individual sitting up on this piece feel as though they are weightless, lifted from the Earth.” – Briona Hendren

Rum, abreviatura de rumiar, está destinado a ser una plataforma de meditación. Una oportunidad para que el espectador se siente en silencio con sus pensamientos; ofrecer una pausa para una introspección profunda sobre un momento en el tiempo o una práctica de dejar ir los pensamientos que burbujean hasta la superficie y permitir que se desvanezcan lentamente. Ver esta pieza por la noche mientras está iluminada desde adentro hace que el individuo sentado ante esta pieza se sienta como si no tuviera peso, levantado de la Tierra.” – Briona Hendren

About the Artist

Briona Hendren is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is an ongoing exploration of psychology, memory, and time, as it relates to identity, society, and nature.

Through the use of repetition, sculpture, site-specific interventions, printmaking, and performance, she dives into biomorphic architectural re-imaginations of memory by unearthing entangled patterns of personal narratives.

Briona received her BFA in Sculpture and Museum & Gallery Methods from Sonoma State University. In addition to her art practice, Briona is the Curator for the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation, as well as the Metal Arts Director for Chimera Arts & Makerspace.

Her work has been on view throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and internationally. Her work can be seen at Pepperwood Preserve (Santa Rosa, CA), Ives Park (Sebastopol, CA), and SOMO Village (Rohnert Park, CA).

Other works by Briona Hendren in the Geometry In Art Exhibition

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