Spirit of Light


“I first began to explore sculpture by learning garden statuary in the mid 1980s. I sculpted my designs in clay and made molds to cast statuary. During that time I also explored painting with acrylics and oils, though my love of solid materials led me deeper into sculptural work. I began working with alabaster, basalt, granite, and marble. In 1995 I began to work in metal welded sculpture in bronze, mild steel, and stainless steel. I added fused glass created by local artist, Branka Harris, to the work in 2000.

In a process known as direct carving, I carefully and patiently study a stone until the shape and color inspires the image I ultimately pursue. All of my sculpture is equally divided between figurative and abstract work. For me, it is the ever-renewing process of exploration working through to the completion of a piece that drives my work.”

Spirit of Light

Sculpture Courtyard (Art Map #15)

Stainless Steel and Fused Glass

10’ X 3’

Aaron Poovey
408 Michael Place
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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