Two Torques

Robert Ellison

Two Torques

Sculpture Garden
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2006 Painted Steel

84” x 24” x 24”

Robert Ellison (1947 – 2012)

Part of the Geometry In Art Exhibition
On loan from the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation

About the Work

Robert Ellison is known most for his monumental works in steel, such as Arch Tworain and Donut Diorama on view in the LBC Art Walk, Two Torques is a more intimate study of rotational symmetry and negative space. These two columns create a playful interaction within the landscape.

Robert Ellison es mejor conocido más por sus obras monumentales en acero, como Arch Tworain y Donut Diorama a la vista en el LBC Art Walk, Two Torques es un estudio más íntimo de la simetría rotacional y el espacio negativo. Estas dos columnas crean una interacción lúdica dentro del paisaje.

Special thanks to Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation

About the Artist

Born in Detroit, Robert Ellison (1946-2012) had three decades of art experience with works including permanent and temporary installations. His work can be found in the collections of prominent citizens worldwide and he launched many exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad. Ellison created large public sculptures fabricated from steel, aluminum, concrete, neon, and clockworks.

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