Vessel I

Briona Hendren

Vessel I

Sculpture Garden
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2023 Stainless Steel

64″ x 50″ x 50″

Briona Hendren

Part of the Geometry In Art Exhibition

About the Work

“These geometric forms live somewhere between math, nature, and psychology. In my research of these polygonal shapes over the years I have come to find them repeated throughout many aspects of our terrestrial experience. Nature continually emulates itself over and over again. I see these shapes in lace lichen, the vesicular system of our bodies, mycelial networks in the ground, honeycomb structures in beehives, even the neurological pathways of our minds. My goal isn’t to replicate any specific structure I see but to emulate the essence of these various parts into a new form of being and understanding.” – Briona Hendren

“Estas formas geométricas viven en algún lugar entre las matemáticas, la naturaleza y la psicología. En mi investigación de estas formas poligonales a lo largo de los años, he llegado a encontrarlas repetidas a lo largo de muchos aspectos de nuestra experiencia terrestre. La naturaleza continuamente se emula a sí misma una y otra vez; veo estas formas en los líquenes de encaje, el sistema vesicular de nuestros cuerpos, las redes miceliales en el suelo, las estructuras de panal en las colmenas, incluso las vías neurológicas de nuestras mentes. Mi objetivo no es replicar ninguna estructura específica que vea, sino emular la esencia de estas diversas partes en una nueva forma de ser y comprensión.” – Briona Hendren

About the Artist

Briona Hendren is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is an ongoing exploration of psychology, memory, and time, as it relates to identity, society, and nature.

Through the use of repetition, sculpture, site-specific interventions, printmaking, and performance, she dives into biomorphic architectural re-imaginations of memory by unearthing entangled patterns of personal narratives.

Briona received her BFA in Sculpture and Museum & Gallery Methods from Sonoma State University. In addition to her art practice, Briona is the Curator for the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation, as well as the Metal Arts Director for Chimera Arts & Makerspace.

Her work has been on view throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and internationally. Her work can be seen at Pepperwood Preserve (Santa Rosa, CA), Ives Park (Sebastopol, CA), and SOMO Village (Rohnert Park, CA).

Other works by Briona Hendren in the Geometry In Art Exhibition

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