Legendary ‘Los Tigres’ in Santa Rosa…read the articles in the PD and the Bohemian

Legendary ‘Los Tigres’ in Santa Rosa

When American music critics search for comparisons to describe Los Tigres del Norte, they often call them “the Rolling Stones of Mexico.” It’s a convenient tagline that has followed the band for ages. But unless you’ve seen Mick Jagger playing Mexican folk accordion, the only real similarity lies in endurance — both bands have at least five decades of performances under their belts.

So what’s the secret to their longevity?  Click here to read the full story in The Press Democrat including an interview with the band…


The five members of Los Tigres del Norte, four brothers and a cousin, might best be described as the Rolling Stones of norteño music. Founded over 40 years ago, the band is more popular than ever, and their name is recognizable in any Latino household. They have sold over 34 million records, won five Grammy awards and have performed for audiences larger than 100,000. Their set lists are built primarily from audience requests spanning a catalogue of over 55 albums, and their concerts last on average for three to four hours. Read the article in The North Bay Bohemian, including an interview with Jorge Hernandez of Los Tigres…
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