Luther Locals Spotify Jam

On this week’s Drop the Mic blog, we have created a Spotify playlist highlighting the talented artists that have participated in our Luther Locals weekly mini-concert series. This is an eclectic grouping that we hope you enjoy from the healing music of Eki Shola to the rocking sounds of Kingsborough to the country stylings of Johnny Young to the lilting sound of Faith Ako’s vocals

Click here to check out the Luther Locals v. 1 Playlist!

David Luning
Ain’t Life a Beautiful Thing
Spike Sikes & Skip Heller
Algiers Ferry Blues
Oddjob Ensemble with Kalei Yamanoha
The Air Up Here
Eki Shola
Dark Bright with Joni Davis
Perfect Storm
Nate Lopez
Above Average
Low Down
Johnny Young
Don’t Get Any Countrier
Shelby Ann
Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman
Bobby Jo Valentine
Temporary Weather
Rick Hardin
Fast or Slow
Sebastian St. James
Can’t Hold Me Down
Twin Soles
Make Me Down A Pallet
Faith Ako
Water Through Taro
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