Adaptable Artist Residency Program Meets Changing Classroom Needs

Artist residencies have become a valuable tool for educators to provide students with unique opportunities to explore various art forms. They also allow artists to share their passion and expertise, while supplementing their income. Since returning to live classrooms in 2022, schools in Sonoma County have adjusted their priorities for arts curricula, and thanks to LBC’s expertise and long history of providing artist residencies, we have been able to shift right along with them.

“We’ve seen a rise in teachers’ interest in direct arts instruction, said Ashleigh Worley, Direction of Education and Community Engagement. “Because each classroom is unique, with its own set of requirements and preferences, teachers can choose from LBC’s diverse range of artistic disciplines, allowing them to tailor the residency experience to their curriculum.”

LBC offers two kinds of artist residencies under our Artists in the Schools umbrella. In the Arts for All residencies for grades PK-12, artists go into the classroom to provide instruction in a single art form. Last year, LBC expanded the number of different art forms we offer classrooms from the existing ukulele and dance residencies to a variety of other music classes, as well as instruction in drama and visual art. Just in time to respond to the increasing requests for Arts for All residencies this year!

LBC’s other artist residency program, Arts Integration, combines an art form with another academic topic. Teaching artists go into the classroom to help students dive deeper into learning, using art to help them access academic topics in fresh new ways. Among our nine Arts Integration Residencies this year, for example, we offer Mastery through Movement: Bringing English to Life for Early Language Learners for grades PK-2, Math Dance for grades K – 3, and The World is Beautiful: Visually Representing Natural Phenomena for grades 3 – 5.

These integrated residencies are built from the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts’ Education Center’s standards for Arts Integration education, which place equal value on learning goals for both the art form and the second integrated discipline. This process requires our teaching artists to master teaching two disciplines at once. Over the course of nearly a year, we train them both internally and in partnership with other education organizations to design residency plans and lead classroom instruction based on the Kennedy Center’s model.

“By fostering a collaborative and flexible environment, LBC empowers teachers to bring the transformative impact of the arts directly into their classrooms, enriching the educational experience for students and paving the way for a more vibrant and holistic learning journey,” said Jack Taylor, Curriculum Specialist.

Thanks to our donors and members, we continue to meet the community’s needs for innovative ways to engage students through the arts by offering flexible, adaptive, and affordable programs that align seamlessly with the goals and objectives of educators. Full and partial scholarships are available to qualified classrooms.

To learn more about our artist residencies, visit the Artists in the Schools webpage.

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