LBC’s arts education toolbox helps teachers breathe life into learning

For more than 20 years, LBC has been making a profound impact on Sonoma County by empowering local educators with the tools to strengthen the classroom experience and shape students into passionate learners. Together, we have created a community where young minds are nurtured, self-discovery is encouraged, and well-rounded citizens are cultivated.

Take a look inside LBC’s teacher toolbox to see some of the diverse range of 24 programs and resources that breathe life into learning:

Live Performance Matinees: Through captivating live performances, students witness the magic of the arts firsthand. These matinees ignite their imaginations, open doors to new possibilities, and foster a lifelong appreciation for creativity.

Professional Development Courses: To help our local educators excel in their craft, we host a diverse array of specialized courses that help them hone their skills, create an environment that nurtures deep learning, and foster the growth of young minds.

Artist Residencies: Through our artist residencies, we connect students with professional creators, transforming classrooms into vibrant spaces of inspiration. By collaborating directly with artists, students can uncover their hidden talents, while experiencing the transformative power of the arts.

Instrument Lending Library: Our Music for Schools instrument lending library provides students with access to a world of musical exploration. By offering a variety of instruments, we encourage their artistic expression and nurture a love for music within their hearts.

Page-to-Stage Reading Initiative: We believe in the power of storytelling, and with the support of our donors and members, we can bring literature to life on stage. Through our Page-to-Stage reading initiative, students embark on thrilling journeys, expanding their horizons and renewing an appreciation for the written word.

Teacher Networking Opportunities: Our networking events have created a vibrant community of passionate educators. By facilitating connections and the sharing of ideas, these opportunities have strengthened our collective impact, making a significant difference in the lives of teachers and their students.

Online Arts Videos and Tutorials: In an ever-evolving digital landscape, we have embraced online resources to reach even more young minds. Through our arts videos and tutorials, we provide teachers with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to empower their classrooms.

Resource Materials for School Shows: When teachers include our school matinee shows in their curriculum, we also provide them with comprehensive resource materials to deepen students’ engagement, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the magic of live theater.

Art Walk: Teachers can extend and enrich their field trips to LBC’s live performances with a self-guided tour of our outdoor Art Walk. The Art Walk features 12 large-scale sculptures as well as a self-contained Sculpture Garden, where students can safely explore the main exhibits as well as the landscape, bridges, and walkways. Its giant oak trees offer shady seating where classes can discuss their recent experience with the arts.

Program Scholarships: Through our donors’ generosity, we can ensure that no student is left behind. Our program scholarships have empowered young talents, enabling them to pursue their artistic dreams and grow into future leaders within our community.

We are grateful to the many dedicated educators in Sonoma County. Our team of education experts and teaching artists will continue creating new tools that help teachers encourage students to express their creativity, inspire their lifelong love for learning, and prepare them for a future filled with success.


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