New Dance Class Added to CARE Program

LBC has added a new dance class to its Creative Arts for Resilience and Expression (CARE) program, which provides arts experiences for youth from high-risk environments at Caritas Village. In partnership with Catholic Charities and with sponsorship from the Farley Family Charitable Foundation, LBC launched CARE last spring with a weekly drop-in drama class for children of families who receive housing and support services at the homelessness services center.

“Dance is the logical next addition for the program,” said Ashleigh Worley, Director of Education and Community Engagement. “It provides students a physical outlet for tension and stress held in the body, and by leaning into our strong cadre of dance instructors, we’re able to provide one more way to support the students’ emotional and cognitive development, self-confidence, communications skills, and joy.”

LBC will run two dance classes for students in grades 4 – 12 as well as 3rd grade and under. Currently, LBC runs two drama classes for these age groups during the school year.

Caritas Village is Sonoma County’s largest homelessness services center. It was opened last year by Catholic Charities, a non-profit that serves and advocates for vulnerable people of all cultures and beliefs, prioritizing people experiencing poverty. Because homelessness can have a particularly disruptive impact on childhood learning, Caritas’ services emphasize housing for families in dire need as one of several early intervention programs intended to keep children from returning to the center as adults. Other programs include learning support.

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