Donors Turn LBC Gifts Into Tributes

In September, we shared the story of LBC donor Lorraine Tunzi, who worked with the LBC to create a way for family and friends to designate their donations to a fund in her daughter Ashley’s name. A few other donors shared memories of loved ones who inspired them to give to the LBC.

Miguel Maceira was an artist and musician, who exposed his son, Elijah Barntsen, to music and dance when he was a child. As a boy, even when Elijah was playing outside or not directly engaging with his dad, Miguel had music playing in the background and it created a vibe that Elijah will always remember and appreciate. Elijah’s gift to the LBC honors his father. Moreover, Elijah works with the LBC through his non-profit, Live Music Lantern, which helps educators and social workers get tickets to live concerts and performances.

Sylvia Campa loved bringing her parents, Lupe and Trinidad Campa, to shows at the LBC. “They always enjoyed it, especially events like Posada,” she said. Sylvia gave a gift to the LBC in their memory.

Carol Carrillo loved to go to shows at the LBC because it was close to home and easy to get there and enjoy the entertainment. Her daughter, Christina Carrillo, donated in memory of her mom and told us that, with her donation, the LBC helped her feel closer to her mother.

Kristine Ehrenpfort and her mom, Ann Martin, both enjoyed shows and having fun at the LBC. Kristine’s gift in her mother’s name keeps that cherished memory alive.

Peyton Fatherree and his wife Debbi Fatherree attended many concerts together at the LBC. He fondly remembers the David Byrne concert in 2008. It was the last concert he and Debbi attended together. Peyton designated his gift to LBC in Debbi’s memory because they “always had a great time together at the shows here.”

Ciara Johnston donated in the memory of her grandmother, Doris Brinson. Ciara remembers her grandmother’s thrill when, at one live show at the LBC, Doris made a sign acknowledging the artist’s 75th birthday, and he came down into the audience to meet her. Doris told this story for the rest of her life and, even a decade after her passing, thinking about it brings the family a lot of joy.

LBC makes it easy to honor the memory of others, as well as to recognize people’s achievements, passions, and dreams. Donations also can be made to honor birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, friendships, teachers, mentors, and colleagues, among others. To learn more, call our Membership & Philanthropy Department at 707.800.7541 or visit our website.

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