Live Theater as Classroom: Elevating the Canvas of Learning in Sonoma County

There is an undeniable magic that comes with live theater—the captivating performances, the rich storytelling, and the immersive experience that transports us to different worlds. We believe that this magic should be accessible to everyone, including students.

As we announce the thrilling lineup of our school show matinees for the 2023-24 season, we extend heartfelt gratitude to our donors whose generosity makes them accessible to local schools through reduced ticket prices and scholarships.

LBC’s School Shows extend the classroom with a dynamic and interactive environment for learning. Live performances, such as this season’s “Super Scientific Circus” and “The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System,” not only entertain students, but they also offer teachers valuable tools to reinforce scientific concepts and foster a love for learning.

“When students watch stories unfold on stage, they gain a deeper understanding of literature, history, and culture,” said Melanie Weir, Associate Director of Education and Community Engagement. “They experience a profound connection between classroom learning and real-life experiences.”

The benefits of bringing students into the theater extend beyond academics. Witnessing stories like this year’s “Giraffes Can’t Dance – The Musical” or “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” on stage can teach valuable life lessons about self-acceptance, empathy, and the consequences of our actions.

Integrating students into the theater also nurtures a sense of community and belonging. “Posada Navideña,” in December, for example, celebrates cultural diversity, while “Hālau Hula Ka No’eau” in February will showcase the beauty of traditional Hawaiian dance, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and appreciation for different cultures.

Finally, by supporting initiatives like “Dino Light” in February and “University of Wonder & Imagination” in March, we contribute to a thriving arts ecosystem that enriches our community’s cultural fabric and supports the growth of young talent.

As we welcome our local students and teachers into the theater, we invite you to learn more about the transformative power of live performances and the magic that your donations bring to young hearts and minds.


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