Sculpture Garden

LBC expanded its visual arts program in 2015 by opening the Sculpture Garden as a gift to our North Bay community. With the support of Sutter Hospital and other generous donors, the Sculpture Garden presents rotating works from contemporary regional artists that focus on monumental outdoor art incorporated into a landscaped natural setting. The Garden forms a transition from our campus to the Sutter Hospital campus. After being destroyed in the 2017 fires and reopening in 2018, the Sculpture Garden has become a popular destination to relax, reflect, and experience art.

Current Exhibition

Geometry In Art

September 2023 – August 2025

Geometry In Art celebrates the intersection of geometry and artistic expression through the works of nine extraordinary artists, each presenting a unique perspective and aesthetic through their exploration of form, line, and negative space.

In these sculptures, repetition reveals patterns that mirror the rhythmic cadence and beauty of nature. The passage of time adds another dimension, as changing light and shadows cast intricate geometric designs, bringing the sculptures to life. This interplay between form and space creates a mesmerizing energy.

Through their work, these artists invite us to immerse ourselves in a world where aesthetics and mathematical principles harmoniously converge. Where the language of shapes, rhythms, and repetition speak to your senses, inspire contemplation, and foster a deeper appreciation for the inherent beauty of geometry that permeates our world.

Curated by Anita Wiglesworth

Self-guided Art Walk Tour

We invite you to use our downloadable Art Walk Map for a self-guided tour of our collection.


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All submissions will be kept on file for two years. Due to the volume of submissions, only those artists selected for exhibition will be contacted.

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