Welcome 2up Yoga!

Luther Burbank Center for the Arts is thrilled to welcome 2up Yoga as its newest Resident Partner, operating on the Center’s campus beginning in May 2014.

2up Yoga was founded by Chris and Mari Coppinger with dedication to the Art and Science of Yoga, Fitness, and Well Being, and offers an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary yoga. 2up Yoga’s classes reflect Chris and Mari’s diverse backgrounds and ongoing, continuing education. They believe that as teachers they guide yoga practice as opposed to instructing it, and draw from many years of training, traveling and teaching martial arts, self-defense and personal development. 2up Yoga offers daily classes, as well as special events, lectures, and workshops on yoga, its history and tradition, fitness, wellness, nutrition, breathwork and meditation. Chris and Mari subscribe to the philosophy of one of their teachers/mentors Ganga White who told them “don’t build a yoga studio, build a community.”

2up Yoga joins the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmer’s Market, Sonoma Latin Arts, and Village Charter School as the Resident Partners at Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, creating diverse opportunities for community members to participate at the Center.

For more information on 2up Yoga, including a schedule of classes, please visit www.2upYoga.com or call 707.230.3958.


Chris and Mari Coppinger are creating a community of health and well-being developed from experiences accumulated over their 20-year dedicated friendship. The foundation is yoga and they are both California natives. Chris grew up surfing and Mari grew up water skiing. Their love of nature and movement as a path to well-being brought them together and remains at the heart of their friendship and teaching to this day.

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